Melissa Wolfe Photography

Melissa Wolfe – Manager

Melissa Wolfe is a photographer, creative entrepreneur and strategist. Formally educated in accounting and business, she combined her technical skills with altruism and launched Full Moon (est.2002), a private label corporate/social consulting firm, which has pioneered in the arena of community-based initiatives. An accomplished Capturista, Melissa has photographed global leaders such as Richard Branson, Erin Brockovich, Jack Canfield, Cynthia Nixon and Joan Lunden. She celebrates the talents of a dedicated team with an international market as Manager of Better Angle Photography, a full-service photo/video brand. Most passionately, Melissa runs her own photography label as Melissa Wolfe Photography. She furthermore co-manages Picture Perfect, a private studio and luxury vacation villa where she resides part time with her husband, David and two children, Sky and River Wolfe.

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